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Camping-car, van and utility van

The van suppliers market is in full swing, offering vehicle of all types, scales and uses. Also, custom van fitting and layout professionals that can work from new vehicles or possibly from the commercial minivans you provide them with are many!

Some are specialists in a particular utility model. Some offer a range of layouts that can be installed on various vehicles on the market. In any case, many experts can help you find a van that perfectly meets your needs and fits your budget.

Based on the large range choices available, whether you need private transport or you’re after practical means of physical transport for a hugely significant International Development project, vans are the way to go!

Recreational vehicle

Recreational vehicle

Camping-car, van and utility van

Heavy-duty camping cars have long been the favorite recreational vehicles for camping enthusiasts. Today, they give way to smaller more fuel-efficient and more comfortable vehicles, like utility vans and vans.

Utility vans manufacturers have taken these vehicles potential into consideration and have understood the needs of users. The Van similar to a small van, is the perfect vehicle to go on vacation while enjoying the necessary comfort (bed, kitchen …).

Another alternative to the camping car is the van. We see more and more of them on our roads. Indeed, given its versatility and the comfort it provides to its passengers, it is no surprise that vacationers are in love with the vehicle.

Utility vans

This is a type of vehicle that is highly prized by many professionals, particularly those who need a large space to house their equipment. Utility vans are also used for the transportation of goods.

In order to get a commercial/utility vehicle, some professionals opt for a used van especially when they’re starting their businesses while others prefer the purchase of a new one directly from the right dealer.

Converted van : comfort and versatility

The converted van is, of origin, none other than a van which has been modified. It adds a real living space by providing a sleeping area (van fitted with twin beds for example), a kitchen and toilet.

The purpose of a van conversion is to transform a vehicle which was conceived only for transport, so that it offers brand new features. We can sleep in, take a shower and prepare food in the same space. The installation of hydraulic cylinders stabilizes the vehicle when moving with passengers on board.

Achat d’un fourgon

Purchasing a converted van

For a van acquisition, we can focus on the models of used ones which are very rare in the automotive market. It is actually very normal since you do not buy much of this type of vehicle. The other alternative is obviously to buy a new converted van.

Achat d’un van aménagé

Purchasing a converted utility van

Examples of potential configurations


Newly converted utility van

Initially, it’s originally a utility van to which specialized manufacturers make the necessary modifications.

Van ultra compact

Ultra compact utility van

It serves as a kitchen and sleeping area. Its advantage is that the beds and the living room are retractable and foldable to save space.

Modular and compact utility van

Besides the possibility of having a kitchen, a living room and beds in a small space, it allows going from one configuration to another very easily.

van aménagé
Van compact avec douche centrale

Compact van with central shower

In addition to the kitchen and space to eat and sleep, this converted utility van has a small shower in the middle, comfier than ever!

Van avec grand réfrigérateur

Van with large fridge

What’s special about this type of van is that it includes a high capacity refrigerator and is ideal for storing a large quantity of food and drinks.

Van best-seller

Best-seller van

The Volkswagen van and many other similar vans have known and continue to enjoy great success with users all around the world.


Van and converted utility vans: the novelty for the roadworthiness test

The new roadworthiness test in France has evolved to make the safety of vehicles and passengers its prime objective. So it will include more control points and will be more expensive. With regard to vans and converted utility vans, the new regulations, which came into force in May 2018, require the owners of these vehicles to approve them as VASPs (specialized motor vehicles) with a gross weight of 3.5 tonnes or less.

Obtaining the VASP approval (registered on the registration card) for recreational vehicles tuned to be motorhomes (van and utility van) is necessary to pass the technical control. Vehicles arranged by a professional have no problem. As for others, approval is granted only after verification with a competent body. Creating a van or utility van with removable equipment and removing it before the roadworthiness test is a solution to escape the VASP approval.