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Today, we are in a world where technology plays a great role in making life easier. This leaves us with more time to think creatively and put our thoughts down on paper. However, even as things get more digitalized, that art of putting down our beautiful thoughts on paper hasn’t gone stale. There is nothing as fun as getting a personalised branded moleskine or castelli notebook. Better still, you can choose to create your own customised Leuchtturm notebook online by using the tips we will share in this piece.

Pick the Right Style

The first step in creating your own notebook is choosing the right cover for it. This way, you can easily come up with one that looks more like a customised moleskine notebook. To some, the cover of the notebook should be hard enough to protect the notes. These are the individuals who like to carry their notebooks in handbags or in places where they can easily get destroyed by chemicals and other elements. Some also like the ones with wires that bind the notebook so that they can easily flip from page to page. At this stage, you are free to pick what suits you most. It is great to go for the old refill notepads with pre-cut holes so that you can easily keep notes from different projects without mixing things up. Depending on what you intend to do with your notebook, pick the right size for it. A5 is the best option if you are looking to create a notebook that you can easily keep and carry to the workplace. However, if you are a student or someone that needs to take a lot of notes, you will be happy with the space provided by an A4-sized notebook.

Design Your Notebook

After you have chosen the right cover of the notebook and decided on the best size, it is time to go ahead and design it. This is the stage at which you need to get creative. If you need to make your notebook stand out, there are two choices that you can go by. There are pre-existing designs that you can decide to use. You will learn that there is a wide range of these ones in the system and you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you are trying to create something like a Leuchtturm notebook, you will get the right choice to employ. If you believe in your own creativity, there is a blank canvas that you can use to come up with something unique and outstanding. With this choice, you have the privilege to upload your own imagery and branding. Since you are trying to come up with something exceptional, you should use the most challenging technique. It is important that you have a blank canvas when trying to customise your own notebook that best suits your needs. This is why you can begin with either education, personal, or corporate. Start by picking a template. With templates, you will have a wide range of colours to give your notebook a dazzling look. The first thing you have to do is pick the right background colour for your pad. From the wide range of fonts and sizes, you can pick the right text for your item. You can move the texts along with the cover of the notebook until you have achieved what you wanted. When creating your notebook, you can upload the images of your choice, such as photographs or logos or some objects to serve as the background. You might as well design some elements at the top of the backgrounds. It also sounds great knowing that you can easily resize things around to suit your taste and preferences. Also, make sure you get the right colour. The final stage in this section or easy because you only need to choose the standout colour for your pad. Once you are done with that, you can say that you have finished with the designing bit of it.

Optional Extras

Just before you add the notebook you have created to the cart, you might consider giving some extra touches of beauty. The final touches should entail things like a traditional ribbon for quick bookmarking. You should mainly do this if your notebook is of A5 size. The number of pages should also determine whether or not you will need to give it a traditional ribbon. Also, it is at this point where you can see the order quantity in case you consider bulk-buying. But it is advisable to buy just one notebook that is created specifically for you or for someone else. Before you close tabs and call it a day, confirm that everything is exactly how you would like them to be. Finally, you need to make sure that you have checked the boxes to confirm the essential terms and conditions. At this stage, you are done creating your notebook, and you should be ready to save it and wait for its delivery. While designing your own notebook might be fun, it is not the only option out there. Many options such as Leuchtturm notebook, customised moleskine, and Castelli notebook probably have what you are looking for. You can go to their website and buy a notebook of your choice online. Better still, you can communicate with them to personalise a notebook for you. But you will have to supply them with the details that you need to be added to your notebook.


You can build or buy your customised notebook online. If you think you should design one on your own, make sure to give it your best. Pick the best design and use colours that do not clash. If you are not sure about anything, you can come back to this guide to help you make critical decisions. Note that you should pick a theme depending on what you need to use the notepad for.

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