Best American cars and sport cars

Best American cars

Traditionally people think that only Italian and Germans make top vehicles. When you hear about a Ferrari and Porsche what comes to mind? An European car. Right? They have a rich history for producing quality vehicles especially the race cars. However, in the recent past American muscle cars have started to take over. Looking at some of the automobiles being made by the Americans, you will appreciate the fact that they are as a loveable as the European cars. The American vehicles offer more than meets the eye, from thrills to nostalgia to good looks you have so many reasons to love the American cars.

What Makes People Love American Cars?

As explained by the specialist Frank Peltier, below Are Some Reasons That Make American Cars Desirable. They Include:

• Quality

It’s unfair to say that Americans don’t produce quality cars. Some muscle cars like the Ford Mustang GT are some of the best cars to own. This muscle beast is one of the most recognizable American cars due to the way many have embraced it. It has been in production for the last 50 years, and you can get it as a coup or a convertible. The four-cylinder turbo version is synonymous with racers.

• Style

American cars are among some of the most stylish vehicles you will ever come across. Although many might consider beauty as subjective, the American cars are as elegant and exotic as they come. When you talk of style, not many will beat Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro. They are the definition of fashion and glamour. They gained notoriety by the fact that they used to be the most preferred vehicle by the astronauts. They are also powerful are a darling to many celebrities.

• Cost-Effective

Did you know that many American cars have better fuel economy and are cheaper to maintain compared to the German machines? Its common knowledge that although the German and Italian vehicles offer much luxury compared to most American cars. However, when it comes to maintenance, you are better off with an American muscle car.

Some Of The Top American Cars To Buy

According to Franck Peltier, you have an array of American supercars to choose from depending on your budget. They range from sport, muscle to off-road. Below are some examples:

• Mustang Shelby

Mustang Shelby is one of the classic muscle car version of the ford cars line. It is a prestigious car which is driven by the high and might in all echelons of life.

• Hennessey Venom Gt

Like the Hennessey drink, Hennessey Venom GT is smooth all the way. It’s one of the most respected performance vehicles in the racing world. Although it’s small in stature, its low center of gravity and small weight makes it perfect when it cars to performance. If you have been wondering whether you should buy an American muscle car or a German machine, now you know what to choose. If you are one of those off-road people, you can never go wrong by getting a Jeep Cherokee

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