How to equip your van for camping ?

equip your van for camping

If you are looking to combine the fun outdoor experience of camping and the comfort of being indoors you can convert your van into a mobile home. Vans have ample amount of space and can easily be transformed into temporary living areas by making a few adjustments such as making kitchen counter installations. You can also choose to install a roof tent or wooden flooring depending on the atmospheric conditions of the area you are planning to go camping. The following list outlines simple steps in making modifications to your van in preparation for a camping trip.

Clear out your van interior

You will need to clear out the interior of your van to make room for the installations necessary. Remove the passenger seats and any other pre-existing features that you may not need to have an idea of the amount of space you have to install the things that you will need during your trip.

Make wall and floor installations

The choice of materials to use for your walls and floors will depend on the weather of where you intend to go camping. You may need to take insulation measures if you will be going to an area that is cold during the night. You can use materials like maggiolina tent, foam or plywood for insulation to make the interior of the van as comfortable as possible.

Install adequate supports for your bed

It is possible to prepare the interior of your van to accommodate living conditions during the day and sleeping conditions at night. You can install a convertible bed in a 4x4 roof tent that can serve as separate seats for your passengers when your van is on the road and still as a support for your mattress when you want to sleep at night.

Install a kitchen counter

When your van is comfortable enough to live in and sleep in, the other important thing to consider is where or how you are going to prepare your food. It is unwise to assume that you will have access to cooking material everywhere you go during your camping trips. You can prepare a simple kitchen counter by using small amounts of plywood and a small sink. The ideal counter would be small enough to fit in the van but big enough to support cooking material and utensils. When installing the counter, you should also consider the energy source that you may use during your trip.

The other installations that you can include are bathrooms or toilets. If you will be uncomfortable with showering in the woods these may be important installations to consider. The installations that you plan to make to your van will depend entirely on where you intend to visit and the size of your van. The requirements like flooring, roof tent or roofing will depend on the climatic conditions of the areas you plan to visit while luxurious installations like seats, sinks or bathrooms will depend on the size of your vehicle.

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