Private van hiring in the UK

Private van hiring

Looking for a car rental service in the UK ? There are several car rental services in cities around the UK that have different car services to choose from. You may be planning to move out of your penthouse or loft and want a means that is effective enough to carry all your boxes to the new destination. A utility van is what you need. It is spacious and affordable. You can request for private car rental for your daily, weekly or monthly errands.

Why You Should Car Rental Services

Drivy UK is one of the most reputable car hire services with fast and reliable car rentals. Their variety of cars is just the tip of the iceberg. They care about their clients hence, ensure they give you the right vehicle for your errand type. The company offers cars for holidays with family or friends that carry minimal luggage, as well as vans that carry a lot of bags like clothes, shifting boxes, surfing boards and many more. In case you are not sure about what car to hire, a customer support department will assist you. They will first try to understand your needs by asking a few questions then later advice you on the best car to rent. Drivy offers affordable quotations for both short and long-term rentals. Their vans are of the best quality and are in good shape at all times. They ensure all vehicles are well serviced and maintained regularly to ensure they are road worthy. Immediately before releasing a rental to a client, they do a thorough check up on things like breaks, engine, and other features.

Hire My Car

If you are looking to make extra cash, hire out your car. This is not a taxi or chauffeur service; therefore, you will not be required to drive clients around. That car that is in your driveway or garage can be of good use to you since it can boost your financial status. All you have to do is ensure that it is in excellent condition for the road and offer it as a rental under a car rental company. Set an availability calendar so that you can be contacted only when you appear available and when a client wants to rent car from owner instead of from the company. The money earned will be shared between you and the company, depending on the agreed terms. Old, worn out and faulty cars are not allowed. You will be required to meet the driver hiring your car and briefly converse with him or her before hiring it out. This is referred to as p2p car rental.

What Do You Need In the Private Car Hire Process?

Deciding to hire private car rental in the UK is a wise move compared to buying a whole new van. This is because in most cases, people need the vans for a short period after which they return them. So, what is required when hiring a vehicle? First and foremost, you must get a quote for the type of van you are interested in hiring. From there, ensure you have funds to hire the van. Most companies and peer to peer car rental in the UK will ask for your driver's license. If you are not the one who will drive the rental, you must pick the car alongside the driver so that he or she can submit this document. You will also need to carry your identification card and give out your residency information. Such details are essential for when a client flees with a rental since he or she can be located. Once you make payment, you will be required to submit evidence of the transaction.

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