Toyota Vans

Publié le : 14 mai 20181 mins de lecture

A range of Toyota vans includes the Toyota Hiace panel van and Dyna which is available as a drop side or tipper conversion van. Both vans are available in SWB and LWB versions with a choice of 90ps or 120ps engines. The Hiace is both functional and reliable and comes equipped with a very economical cost effective engine and respective Gross Vehicle Weights of 2.8 and 3.0 tonnes. The Toyota Dyna has a 1.5 Ton payload capacity and is a good solid affordable van.

Toyota Hiace 280 SWB D4D 95ps

Toyota Dyna 300 SWB Dropside D4-D 109ps

Toyota Dyna 350 MWB Alloy Dropside D4-D 109ps

Toyota Hiace 300 LWB D4D 120ps Van

Toyota Dyna 350 MWB Tipper D4-D 109ps

Toyota Dyna 350 LWB Alloy Dropside D4-D 109ps Van


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